Welcome to Jawi-Jawi 'Slow Tourism Village' “The Lost Culture of Paradise”

Located at the mountainside of Talang Mountain with the elevation of + 1.500 kilometers above sea levels, Jawi-Jawi is a part of Nagari Gunung Talang with a hill topography. It’s a heaven on earth with a marvelous scenery that still feels authentic. To feel the refreshing experience of Jawi-Jawi, visitors can depart from Kota Solok, a city that is located around five kilometers from Jawi-Jawi. International and domestic visitors can also reach the destination by the air-route which will arrive in Minangkabau International Airport. From the airport, visitors can get to Jawi-Jawi through the land-route that will take approximately two hours.

Once arrived in Jawi-Jawi, a charming, refreshing, and green village will welcome visitors with its friendly local who will gladly show visitors around. Jawi-Jawi is tourist destination with the concept of Slow Tourism with a force to be reckoned with because not only that it benefits the people who visit it but also for the locals who lives and breathes in Jawi-Jawi. Based on the concept of Community Based Tourism, the people of Jawi-Jawi plays an important role in developing and operating this cultural tourist destination with a purpose of empowering them as well. The concept of cultural village also emphasized on empowering the mentality of the people itself. One of the example is the homestay management—Rumah Gadang Datuak Rajo Nan Putiah—which is operated by locals.
The concept of cultural village is one the effort of elevating the understanding of the people who lives in a tourist destination about the tourism, cultivating the existing cultural values, and improving the economics of the people itself. The understanding as a tourist destination will arise since the people will realize how important their