Located at the mountainside of Talang Mountain with the elevation of + 1.500 kilometers above sea levels, Jawi-Jawi is a part of Nagari Gunung Talang with a hill topography. It’s a heaven on earth with a marvelous scenery that still feels authentic. To feel the refreshing experience of Jawi-Jawi, visitors can depart from Kota Solok, a city that is located around five kilometers from Jawi-Jawi. International and domestic visitors can also reach the destination by the air-route which will arrive in Minangkabau International Airport. From the airport, visitors can get to Jawi-Jawi through the land-route that will take approximately two hours.

Once arrived in Jawi-Jawi, a charming, refreshing, and green village will welcome visitors with its friendly local who will gladly show visitors around. Jawi-Jawi is tourist destination with the concept of Slow Tourism with a force to be reckoned with because not only that it benefits the people who visit it but also for the locals who lives and breathes in Jawi-Jawi. Based on the concept of Community Based Tourism, the people of Jawi-Jawi plays an important role in developing and operating this cultural tourist destination with a purpose of empowering them as well. The concept of cultural village also emphasized on empowering the mentality of the people itself. One of the example is the homestay management—Rumah Gadang Datuak Rajo Nan Putiah—which is operated by locals.

The concept of cultural village is one the effort of elevating the understanding of the people who lives in a tourist destination about the tourism, cultivating the existing cultural values, and improving the economics of the people itself. The understanding as a tourist destination will arise since the people will realize how important their contribution to the development of tourism in their respective community. The locals will also realize how important their role in cultivating cultural values such as traditional dances, traditional games, and other form of traditional art. With this concept of Slow Tourism, the locals will be prepared to show their unique local traditions such as traditional dances and randai—a traditional theatrical performance.

There are many distinctive attributes in Jawi-Jawi, including TIngkuluak—a traditional headdress. Visitors can feel the traditional experience by wearing the traditional costume with the purpose of truly living like locals. Female visitors can wear a batik skirt and tingkluakas a headdress and the male visitors can wear kupiah—a traditional hat and sarung.

Before any exploration begin, visitors will be briefed in a Rumah Gadang which serves as the Tourist Information Center about Jawi-Jawi and the itineraries during the visit. The visitors also will be explained about the benefits that they will receive during their stay. Moreover, the visitors will get to taste the authentic local dishes with Slow Food concept which is very distinct to the typical food from the cities. Slow Food can be categorized as a healthier meal since the lack of artificial preservatives with a taste beyond compare. The interaction with locals will also vary, ranging from learning traditional dances and having dinner in Rumah Gadang with the local leaders.

Experience the local atmosphere by visiting lapau—a local mom and pop store that usually serves hot coffee which is perfect with the chill climate especially when the night falls. Though exclusives for male visitors, lapau provides a glimpse of how locals lives with their stories also known as Ota Lapau. Female visitors will not be left behind as Tari Piring—a traditional dancing usually performed by female dancers—will be taught along wearing the beautiful yellow and green costumes.
Jawi-Jawi provides visitors with; Happiness, Mindfulness, Slow Food; and Slow Life with the concept of Slow Tourism. Experience Happiness by witnessing and breathing the harmonious nature and the friendly locals in which the visitors can see how day-to-day life like in Jawi-Jawi.

Wake up to the Mindfulness of the crisp nature with greens everywhere and birds chirping beautiful melodies from Talang Mountain. Jawi-Jawi provides calming atmosphere far from the bustling city life that will broaden your mind and assemble the spirit for the day. The sun rises with fresh mountain air that will give visitors a moment to appreciate nature and the gifts that it breathes from day to day. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a searing hot fried banana that will warm the belly and get ready to start the day. And the sunset, the fiery sun rays hits the never-ending paddy field creates a theatrics on its own. The sound of bustling kitchen of the matriarch preparing the meal for the day will tempt the appetize of empty stomach. The smoky flavor of the meal that is cooked with woods will bring out the authentic flavor of local cuisines.Makan Bajamba—a festive get together where people eat together in a large plate is held twice a day during lunch and dinner in Rumah Gadang.
Live the Slow Life, living like locals a whole new experience that is hard to forget. Solok is famous for its best in class rice quality. Hence going to the paddy fields and learn how to farm it is an experience that cannot be missed. The paddy field that is located in a hill topography gives an amazing scenery and even though being in the paddy field in the middle of the day, visitors will not feel the heat hence the cool temperature. Experiencing the paddy field emphasize the simplicity of life in Solok and how it brings happiness to the families there. In the morning, men preparing themselves to go to the paddy filed can be seen along with the sound of children playing around as a perfect picture of simple happiness.
The sun climbs higher and the matriarch will walk to the paddy field and bring lunch to lift up the spirit of the working men. Come the sun starts falling, go ahead and enjoy the river with its chilling and fresh water together with kids from Jawi-Jawi. Climbing up the rocks and splash to the water in going to be an unforgettable experience.
Visiting Jawi-Jawi will result in memories that will never be forgotten and make the unfathomable wish to return to this village with an abundance charm. The picturesque scenery, mouth-watering cuisines, the unique local cultures, and the friendliness of the people will make one marvelous experience that will create memories bounds to last for eternity.